Rasha Recoraro on #droptheplus


“Thank you for inspiring me, Stefania Ferrario! I was a Plus Size Model for over a decade, and was recently heartbroken when I was “fired” from a big runway show for being too small (after losing 135 pounds). If I’m not a Plus Size Model, where do I fit in? I was broken down by clients at one time for being too big, and now for being too small. I believe in dropping the label of Plus Size Models and just being Models. Period. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. All colors. All heights. All genders. All sexualities. EveryBODY IS BEAUTIFUL. I am proud of my body, in all of its imperfect glory. #LoveYourBody#NoLabels #BeautyAtAnySize #BeBrave #BeAuthentic #BeYou” – Rasha Pecoraro of Dapper D Fashions

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