Fabiola Lenz on #droptheplus

“I’m making this video for telling you that I’m supporting the ‪#‎droptheplus‬ model campaign. At the end of the day we are all trying to feel comfortable in any type of size, plus size or not. That’s my body, that’s my choice. @droptheplus” – Fabiola Lenz Fabiola also released some unedited raw photos from a recent […]

Rasha Recoraro on #droptheplus

  “Thank you for inspiring me, Stefania Ferrario! I was a Plus Size Model for over a decade, and was recently heartbroken when I was “fired” from a big runway show for being too small (after losing 135 pounds). If I’m not a Plus Size Model, where do I fit in? I was broken down […]

Ajay Rochester on #droptheplus

A month ago I had a rather, um, dramatic outburst on Instagram about a beautiful young model who, to me, looked healthy and if anything, really quite fit, but was referred to as a “plus sized” model. I voiced my opinion that it was crazy and dangerous to refer to her that way, and after […]

Stefania Ferrario on #droptheplus

When I started modelling I wasn’t concerned with the “plus size” label. I actually embraced it because I learned to be confident about my size and body. I was happy to model under any label and I think most “plus sized” models are just happy to be modelling. But deep down I felt there was […]