Ajay Rochester on #droptheplus

A month ago I had a rather, um, dramatic outburst on Instagram about a beautiful young model who, to me, looked healthy and if anything, really quite fit, but was referred to as a “plus sized” model.

I voiced my opinion that it was crazy and dangerous to refer to her that way, and after years of protesting this very issue, it seems I finally hit the sweet spot. Women everywhere joined me in saying they WERE sick and tired of being made to feel inferior, not good enough and separate from acceptance in the media and the fashion world.

An Aussie model by the name of Stefania Ferrario, stood by my side in this spur of the moment social protest and before we knew it, we were in the midst of actually making a change to the world we live in, something we have both wanted and fought for, for a very long time.

Since then women around the world have been joining us, sharing their own stories and photos, using the hashtag “droptheplus” and letting the industry know it is time for a change. We will not be silenced, we will be treated with respect and we will not stop until we are all embraced as the beautiful human beings we are, no matter what size we are – big or small.

– Ajay Rochester

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